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Becoming a professional blogger is the dream of many people. If, like them, you also decide to start blogging in order to make it profitable, Simplr offers you the essentials on how to become a successful blogger.

Be independent. To be able to travel, far away, for a long time, or even get paid to visit unknown countries. To share your passion, and live from it. Earn money thanks to the web. To have a community of fans with whom to exchange on a daily basis.

All these goals are driving many people (more than 440 million worldwide, roughly estimated in 2017) to create their blog, some of them hoping to make it their main source of income.

Simplr helps you to create a successful blog. You will see all the basics to finally start or manage your blog that is already online. All you need to create and launch your blog quickly and efficiently.

Simplr : Free Blogging platform to express yourself, discover, and bond over the stuff you love.

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a colorful program at TikTok

Niri Brusa Editorial project manager – Webmarketing & Co’m TikTok has announced a series of events for Women’s History Month, which will celebrate both female

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Using Simplr allows you to build a real audience with memberships and subscriptions to generate predictable revenue from your work. It’s possible to create anything from a premium content archive, to a paid newsletter or podcast with full-featured subscription commerce. Best of all, there are 0% transaction fees, so any revenue you make is yours to keep.