10 of the best online museums to visit from home

British museum

In these days of quarantine that we are going through in Spain, what better than make an online visit from home to 10 museums that have virtual tour and even entire collections online.

A great opportunity to go through it Prado Museum, Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan or the Luvre in Paris. We are going to show you how you can enjoy contemporary works and complete avant-garde collections with 10 exceptional museums.

This way from home we can take all the time in the world to appreciate the detail of the virtual collections present in this series of museums and that we are going to give you to access them directly.

Pinacoteca di Brera – Milano


A art collection located in Milan and which contains one of the most outstanding art collections of Italian painting. An essential online museum to learn about Italian painting.

Pinacoteca di Brera – Milano

Galleria degli Uffizi


We are before a palace and museum in Florence and which is well known for having one of the oldest and most famous art collections. What to say that you can visit it online from home these days due to the coronavirus.

Galleria degli Uffizi – Firenze

Musei Vaticani


A museum founded in the Vatican City in the 16th century and that is in itself an eminence to make an online tour through its virtual library.

Musei Vaticani – Rome

Archaeological Museum of Athens

Archaeological museum of Athens

Visiting this museum is to be before one of the museums that houses archaeological objects most important found in Greece from its prehistory to late antiquity.

Archeological Museum – Atene

Prado Museum

Prado Museum

The main museum of the Madrid capital and it has incredible collections of painting masters from around the world. To highlight Velazquez and Goya to know some of their most recognized works.

Prado – Madrid



Dedicated to art prior to impressionismWe could almost say that it is one of the most important museums on the planet. Located in the French capital, it is a must to do so from home in these days of quarantine.

Louvre – Parigi

British museum

British museum

Another of the most visited museums in the world and for a very simple reason: has exciting collections from various fields of human knowledge such as history, archeology, ethnography and art.

British Museum – Londra

Metropolitan Museum of New York Metropolitan

Located in the borough of Manhattan, it is one of the most important art museums on the planet. It has more than two million works of art from around the world. And you can access works put to the public for download like this one.

Metropolitan Museum – New York

Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg


Coming from French and means the “refuge of the hermit”, has one of the largest art galleries and museum of antiques in the world.

Hermitage – Saint Pietroburg

National Gallery of Art


It is an art museum that It is located on the National Mall in Washington DC Founded in 1937, it is another great opportunity to get closer to their online tours.

National Gallery of art – Washington

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