12 Essential Creative Commons Image Banks for Creators

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On the Internet we have serious Creative Commons image banks and that they will allow us to use them on our website or in a project to take advantage of the high quality that is supposed to be visual content.

That is why we are going to show you which are the best Creative Commons websites in which we will be able to find three types of licenses: CC0 Public Domain, CC BY to cite the author and CC BY-SA to cite the author with the obligation that you have to share that content. We are going to do it with websites that from today you will mark them as favorites.

Differences between the different Creative Commons licenses

Creative Commons license differences Adobe Stock

Before going to the list of websites to download this type of images under a Creative Commons license, we will discuss the radical differences between each of them. Not being attentive to the “obligations” or “conditions” can lead to the author at some point sending us an email to remove the image or make any changes regarding the use of its content.

An example of the licensed ones are the header and this one with the smartphone, so go ahead. These are the three main licenses with which we can use hundreds of thousands of photographs online:

  • CC0: public domain and that implies that we can use that image without any type of condition. In other words, the author gives us all the freedom in the world to be able to use it for any type of objective. In other words, a work free of copyright.
  • CC BY: In this type of Creative Commons license, we are forced to cite the author or acknowledge the author in order to upload the image to a blog or use it in a project to make a reference to it in the small print of a work.
  • CC BY-SA (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike): here is a big difference with the previous one, since apart from having to cite the author of the image used, we have to oblige anyone who wants to spread it to share it.


Search Creative Commons

What if, Creative Commons has a great search engine that will allow us to search for all kinds of images and with the exclusivity of having a filter in the sidebar to indicate what type of license we are looking for. The truth is that with some search terms we have found high quality images that are perfect for all kinds of jobs.

That is maintains a very professional line to find an image that has not been used much, so it is one of the first recommendations of this list of Creative Commons images. When opening the image we have in the right panel the possibility to copy the HTML code, in rich text or plain text in order to cite the author or that we can disseminate his work with the third license mentioned above: CC BY-SA.

Search.CreativeCommons – Web



A website that perhaps you do not know but he has thousands of photographs to his credit from many different categories. Sufficient in quality to be able to incorporate it into any type of project. A website where we can also find another great variety of resources such as videos or audio, and which has stock photos as well as free ones.

Yes it is true that for be able to download Creative Commons photographs in HD quality we have to register for free, but if we are able to give our data we will have a good range of photos and another alternative as a source of quality images. Don’t waste a moment and take a look.

Dreamstime – Web



One of the favorites of a lot to have tens of thousands of photos of all kinds and of course, Creative Commons. One of the renowned and prestigious websites that has been gaining in popularity over time. If we put «Commons» in your search engine, we will find more than 3,900 images assigned to that tag, so it is one of the essentials on this list.

The fact that it’s on Pixabay allows us to download it for any type of purpose. We only have to pass the reCAPTCHA to give certainty that we are not a bot and we can download it in a more than fair resolution from 3,000 pixels wide. Do not miss it.

Pixabay – Web



Other website where you can access quality content for images and which is characterized by the need to register to access the download of your photographs. Tell you that it has a great variety of categories, although it is true that it does not reach the extensive catalog that other sources of photographs may have that we have indicated in this list of Creative Commons images.

A fairly simple design for a website that is liked from the first moment. It is true that perhaps it is too simple, although it does not mean that it is an alternative to use to search for certain types of free images.

Stockmedia.cc – Web



Freepik, other prestigious website Due to its renowned catalog that includes all kinds of graphics, it also has a library dedicated to Creative Commons. It is true that it is not very extensive, but enough to indicate that you can go to it to obtain Creative Commons images.

In total, today, it has more than 440 Creative Commons images, so we can cite it as one of the interesting spaces to consider for our day to day when we are in need of quality graphic content. We have to say that these 440 resources include both images and vectors.

Freepik – Web



Other of our favorite open source image sites it also has in its midst those directed to the CC. If you already have a huge and extensive catalog of open source photographs, we leave you with the link to go directly to all the content dedicated to Creative Commons.

One of the Essential places to get lost in it and that it can leave you feeling of being in front of a website dedicated to professional photography at its highest level. This is Unsplash, so don’t take long to open the link to their website.

Unsplash – Web



Other site of substance that like others on this listAs Pixabay is, all the content you find on its website will be available for free use. In fact, they themselves advertise that all the photos you find on Pexels can be used for free.

In fact, while most of the photos that you find are subject to the Pexels license, others are linked to Creative Commons Zero CCO. Both allow us to use all the photos with commercial and non-commercial licenses, we do not need to cite the author, and we can edit as we please with all the freedom in the world. Another of the websites to take into account to provide you with that quality content for your work.

Pexels – Web



Other from the most popular photo websites and that within it we can find all kinds of users, both amateurs and professionals, who are dedicated to the world of photography. In other words, what we are sending you is that we are on a website where apart from being able to download Creative Commons images, we also have the option of using it to enjoy the work that others do, or even upload our photos ourselves from a user profile.

Yes in your browser we put «Creative Commons» we will find a good pile of photographs. It can be an inexhaustible source of resources if we have the time to search among its authors and find those three licenses mentioned at the beginning of this post. We encourage you to try it because you never know what you can find with a little patience and determination on your part.

Flickr – Web



If he Google search also offers the ability to search for photos and images simply by putting the category and using that of “commercial use”.

Us we go to the “images” tab and put a search term. When it gives the result we go to tools and in the other tab of «Rights of use» we will use Creative Commons. Hundreds of images will appear that we can use for our projects. Here the search can be almost infinite so we recommend the same as with Flickr, that you have patience and the determination to search for that specific image. We already know Google …



Other site similar to some of those mentioned as Unsplash or Pixabay and in which this time we are going to get carried away by its great design in the interface and that causes a user experience to be detailed.

Yes we put in the Gratisography search engine to «Creative Commons» we will find a great variety of images with that objective, so another site to use and enjoy it.

Gratisography – Web

Jay mantri

Jay mantri

Other free image website and it also contains Creative Commons. Although it does not have that large catalog of them, they serve us in these directions to obtain photographs that we can use in any type of work.

Have a blog style format, so we have to explore the photos that are uploaded to find the newest ones. Another digital space with important resources in case someone else fails us and we don’t find that category we need to create content that is a bit unique; Although this is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve unless we are the ones who take care of taking the photographs.

Jay Mantri – Web

Adobe Stock Free

Adobe Stock Free free

Adobe a couple of days ago has provided a good number of photos (more than 70,000 assets) from the artists who collaborate in Adobe Stock, their subscription site for professional quality photos. That is you have an unprecedented image bank and that opens the doors to have the best of the best in our hands.

Without doubt a radical move taken by Adobe and that is accompanied by the irruption that digital has made in our lives in this year 2020 and that has placed companies in the forced position of transforming themselves digitally. Do not miss them.

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