Tomato toast

I think have never been here what would be the toasts, let alone the most creative ever seen by our eyes. It is the great idea that the Japanese artist Manami Sasaki has had and that has emerged from the confinement he experienced.

What better than to take those slices for turn them into the best edible creative object that we have seen lately; Apart from those drawings in the coffee foam that already seem a norm in many coffee shops. Let’s see Sasaki’s work.

16 toasts are those designed by Sasaki and that the truth is a work, apart from delicious, of great talent at all levels. And it doesn’t look like you’ve designed them to be visually appealing – they just look well edible.

Sakura Toast

Sasami has her more than 19,000 followers on Instagram and that they follow each of those 16 toasts that he has designed in these days of confinement by COVID-19; we do not forget these treats as a base.

Stone Garden Toast

You can follow his account on Instagram and so know those culinary delights which are each of the designs carried out. The first, which is the cover of the publication, has as ingredients, apart from the slice, the raspberry and chocolate jam.

Creative toast

Another named as the Japanese garden and in the that rocks or stones are nuts, or “Hanafuda”, in which you can distinguish a bird with those algae that make up part of the place devised by this Japanese creative.

Poultry toast

Sei Sh? Nagon is another of the favorite slices with those letters in Japanese and again the algae. An artist who has brought out her most creative side in these days of coronavirus with 16 very original toasts each of them. We leave you the others so that you can know them from your Instagram account.