Ok, curiously, sound effects do not have much to do with creativity, but it is content that we need for videos and more. The The BBC has made more than 16,000 sound effects available to everyone free.

The curious thing, being redundant, is that we speak of a collection of 16,000 sound effects that document a more than important part of modern and contemporary history. That is, they are not just any sound effects, but they have a more than interesting context.

So we are talking about 16,000 sound effects that have been used by the British television station for its radio and television service since 1920. There is nothing. And we can tell you that 16,000 sound effects go a long way and above all because of the wide variety of categories that you will be able to access.

BBC sound effects

We talk about animal sounds, human reactions, environments and all kinds of objects in any context that you can think of. The truth is that it is a sound document of great value that any creative who needs sounds is going to know how to value it.

It has to be said that are protected by the BBC, but they do allow their use for an educational, personal or research purpose. Of course, they make available a license that can be purchased to be able to use them for commercial purposes.

From this link they indicate the steps and we can pay £ 5 for each sound Discharged. You have the BBC’s gallery of 15,000 sound effects from this link and you can download the effects in WAV format.

A unique opportunity to browse through that BBC sound library and have a great time exploring those 15,000 sound effects. That audio is not missing as branding as for this brand.