Designer friends, surely it has ever happened to you that a friend of yours, client, acquaintance or anyone who passed by you, has said about a design:“How simple!”“That is done in a moment”, “Nor has he had to think much.”

That is the moment when we take a deep breath and realize how little knowledge people have about our profession. But since we love what we do we try to explain to them all the work behind that design.

Today I am going to make a brief summary of the previous steps that I consider the most important when facing a blank page and then tell me if you agree with me and what your steps are.

3 preliminary steps for brand design

  1. When I receive the order of a brand image I do a study first thoroughly of the brand that entrusts me with the work, that is to say: its history, journey, objectives, product that it wants to sell, target audience, etc. All information is good. Obviously before I have spoken with the owners or managers to tell me what their ideas and message are that they want to convey.
  2. I do a reference search of similar companies, of the competition, of ideas that come to mind, some have to do with the project, others not, but if you like them, I recommend that you save them.
  3. With all the references I make a moodboard. For me this point is very important because allows me to see all the images of my references at once and from there to be able to classify and select the ones I like the most, possible colors, highlighted elements, etc.

Moodboard design

These 3 previous steps are also part of the design work of a brand image, which can be applied to the design of thousands of things, such as posters, logo, prints, invitations, etc.

And at this point we haven’t started sketching yet. For me, these steps are key so that the result of my design is perfect, because it not only has to go to the taste of the designer, there are many factors that influence all our designs and we must respect them.

Brand design