When I start a project I structure my work in several phases. I like to work like this because it helps me to organize myself and plan my times.

Among the first steps to develop in the creative process I highlight the reference search. We must always bear in mind that looking for references does not mean copying.

The search for references is very important to guide you, It also helps me to visualize, know other points of view, suggestions, etc. Personally, I consider it as a learning process that will serve me not only for this project, but I can also apply these references for later projects.

That’s why I thought it would be interesting to tell you what my 4 Instagram accounts of reference. It is not just about design, there is also art, photography, travel, etc.

  • Aestheticdesignco: This is an independent design studio located in Portland, Oregon. Themselves define themselves as progressive minds. I like it because on his Instagram account we see careful photographs, with a variety of products, where we not only see the one good product photoThey also show us their process, something that is important to me, what I call humanizing.Aestheticdesignco account
  • Jenni.juurinen: With only 68 posts and almost 500 followers this artist from Helsinki has caught my attention. I think it offers us a funny photography, where we also find variety and colors that give life.Jenni.juurinen's account
  • Oh sopretty: It is a minimalist account, with neutral tones and blanks. All the photographs taken by its author, Victoria, have a very clean and quality result. It is personally one of my favorites.Oh.sopretty's account
  • Mindsparklemagazine: it is a blog / design magazine in which we can find fantastic material. I consider it to be another level. I really like their colors, very strong and intense, with very marked contrasts.Mindsparklemagazine account

Here I have left you a small or very small list of 4 accounts of references that are very useful to me, but they are not the only ones that inspire me. And you, do you follow any of these accounts? What are your referral accounts?