If you have a 4K monitor or television, we recommend that you take this link where you will be able to see in hyper-resolution the painting «The Night Watch» by Rembrandt.

A unique opportunity to appreciate every detail of the brushstrokes of the great master in this painting that is among one of his best known. It is the Rijksmuseum that made this hyper-resolution photograph that when it is enlarged we can get closer to details as if we were contemplating this great work in person in the Dutch museum.

The data scientist Robert Erdmann has led the imaging team of the Rijksmuseum has taken this photograph of The Night Watch or “The Night Watch” out of a total of 528 exhibitions.

Rembrandt details

Those photographs divided into 24 rows of 22 images They have been fused digitally thanks to neural networks and a technology that allows these luxuries to enjoy works of art as if we were almost touching it with our eyes.

Rembrandt details

If we look at the total weight of the final image, it is composed of 44.8 gigapixels and each of those pixels is at a distance of 20 micrometers from another. So we can expand and expand it to have details that we could never have imagined from our device, be it a PC or even a mobile with an excellent screen.

Hence, we recommend you open the link from a 4K screen to appreciate every detail and marvel at one of the best pictorial works of the master Rembrandt.

As we have said, a Huge chance to zoom the screen and review each of the details of the brushstrokes given by one of the masters of painting. Do not miss also the Thyssen Museum and those special presentations in which it covers the history of Italian painting.