? 9 Best Free WordPress Themes [ TOP 2021 ]

Best free WordPress themes

WordPress has grown in such a way that we can access high quality free themes that save us a lot of work in the different elements that make up a website. That is why we are going to share with all of you the best free themes.

We can start with OceanWp, Astra or GeneratePress itself which are the fastest loading themes. This fact must be taken into account, as there are “heavy” themes that come with a lot of features, but when loading the web, we can reach 2 or 3 seconds; something deadly for the SEO of our site. Go for it.



We are before one of the lightest themes that we currently have in the free WordPress repository. That is to say, we are talking about a theme to dress our website that has the reason of being light and that the usability is adequate today. Of course, a theme also «dresses» our site and in this case we must take into account that it is responsive and prepared for the «mobile».

GeneratePress can boast of fighting head-to-head against other matters of substance like Astra or OceanWp itself. Among some of its best features, apart from the two mentioned, we can find its security and stability, optimized for search engines and ready for accessibility; This last element is increasingly important so that all users can access our website.

Offers a premium model with more features, but to try, and even for free, it can be worth us to dress our website and leave it looking great. One of the essentials in WordPress.

GeneratePress – Download

Astra Theme

Astra Theme

If there is a topic that Aside from being light in weight, it’s packed with features, this is Astra Theme. Apart from the fact that if we are looking for a suitable theme for an online store, such as for Woocommerce, Astra is one of the best in this regard. It has visual elements and essential widgets for an ecommerce, so it has to be one of those that we always have to value for a new job for a client or for our own website.

As we are at a time when builders such as Elementor or Divi are taking greater force in the design of wb, Astra it even has the function of hiding the page title and the sidebar. Those of you who have dealt with other topics are sure to know how to assess this type of customization options well.

Apart from being the fastest loading themeApart from OceanWP, it is ready to provide all those necessary customization options on a website and that will allow us to get into code to offer them to our website users. Finally we can also highlight its large number of pre-manufactured websites so that with a single click we can have a new list to go into production.

Astra – Download



A favorite of many for offering a large quantity of items for free. Another essential for online stores and in a matter of a few years has emerged as one of the best themes for WordPress. It goes perfectly with the said site builders like Elementor and with ecommerce plugins like Woocommerce.

Since its free option and with Woocommerce we can have in our hand The essentials to launch an online store and start sales in a matter of no time. Ready for ecommerce, responsive for both desktop and mobile, fast loading of the website, designed with SEO in mind and with support for different languages ​​to have that website ready.

Like Astra, it is a multi-purpose theme, so it is valid for a landing page, as a base for Elementor, as an online store or simply a blog. One of the best themes that we currently have and that we recommend you take a look for its great quality. It also has a series of premium packs to take to another place some of its best options such as a header that is hidden from the scroll or even a login for social networks with which new users can register on our website in a flash with their Facebook credentials or Google.

OceanWP – Download



Elementor is practically a site builder that has grown exponentially in recent years because of how well it is doing and because it offers a great free experience. That is, to create websites even with forms, we will not need or spend a euro.

Yes yes we want to elevate the experience to another level, with the Pro version From Elementor we are going to have all those tools to create all kinds of websites. Forms with conditionals or even the ability to use responsive side menus so that your website is perfectly spun.

If we talk about a builder, it means that you can forget about programming, so everything is left to drag the elements that we need such as text, sections, titles, pop-ups or menus and then design them thanks to its intuitive interface. Elementor is updated every few months and the last novelty in 3.0 was to incorporate personalization of the website with general values. That is, we can change the style of the text of the entire web or change the color scheme so that we can make timely changes.

Assess also the quality of the templates for pages you have from the library and that we even have them for free; If we already go to Pro we can access a greater variety of them for all kinds of reasons, be it a landing page, ecommerce or a blog itself.

A builder who gets along very well with well-known themes like Astra or OceanWp And that it is also valid to incorporate landing pages in those themes in order to create a page as we need it. It gives us a lot of freedom from the free model, but with the pro things change a lot. Essential today.

Elementor – Download

Hello Theme

Hello Theme

East theme has been created by Elementor so that it makes the least load on the server and we can reduce the time it takes to load our website. In other words, apart from the WordPress themes discussed above, Hello Theme is a dedicated theme exclusively for this builder.

And its reason for being created is to be a blank sheet to “mount” Elementor in order to create a site without the need to create HTML code. Although it cannot be compared to other themes such as Astra or OceanWp, it is a perfect theme when we have decided that all the pages of the website we are working on are going to be built with Elementor. That is, that blank sheet for certain functions is going to be perfectly Hello Theme.

So if you are going to use Elementor to build a website Without the own needs of WordPress pages and posts, this theme allows you to create that website from scratch; Although logically it will take you more work, but with the plus that you can make the web yourself from the work you have done in Figma or Adobe XD.

Hello Theme – Download



Other great multi-purpose theme And that, although it does not have the lightness of some of those mentioned so far in the load, its great value is due to its great flexibility and because it is a responsive theme for all types of websites.

Mention that it comes with a tutorial that helps us in the first steps to build the website and leave it almost ready to launch into production after having it in staging and testing. It also has plugins that add highly demanded options such as services or testimonials; You already know how good it was to acquire this service and that we recommend you and that they usually generate many leads on these sites.

It also gets along very well with site builders such as Divi (the paid elementor counterpart and which we also recommend although more loaded) and Elementor. Apart from that it also offers the ability to add sections with drag and drop; we also do not forget that offers a lot of compatibility with Woocommmerce, the fashionable plugin to set up an online store that has everything you need for shopping, generating orders, invoices, shipping by mail and much more.

Hestia – Download



If we are looking for a free WordPress theme and what be focused on those corporate pages of companies We recommend this theme called Bento. It has enough popularity to be one of the most popular, although it is far from the first mentioned as Astra or OceanWP.

We walk also with a multi-purpose theme, so you can use it for those online store reasons or even a curious landing page that serves as your sales tunnel or funnel tunnel and thus fed up with leads after a good campaign on Facebook Ads, or why not Google Ads.

To be a free theme comes packed with options for customization, so having a good time we can leave a well configured website; if then we pull some of the CSS and HTML codes that we have been passing from our lines (with a little talent for you knowing how to handle it with CSS), better than better. Here you have CSS menus, sidebars again in CSS, or circular menus also CSS (the cascading language).

Bento – Download



With Go we go to a topic that advocates the minimalism and by one focused on creating a blog. That is, if you are looking to create a website to have a blog in which to publish articles periodically, it is ideal.

We can highlight it for that welcome message when we got to the website and those CTAs or Call to Action (as important as the buttons that get leads) in the header of the site.

We have to also highlight how it emphasizes the typography with a very clean and that brings that touch of readability so important in a blog. We also do not ignore the fact that it handles the featured images of our publication or post very well, so be aware of this detail when you decide on a final free theme for WordPress.

Go – Download



You will surely know that WordPress was updated with a larger version in which we can create the website through blocks. It is in this sense that Blocksy arises to be a free theme, lightweight and feature-packed and defined so for the blocks of WordPress.

Offers a wide variety of templates for all types of pages, and can be used to create a rich assortment of websites, including such ecommerce, blogs, portfolios, and much more. It is also compatible with the popular Elementor site builder and works well with Woocommerce.

As a detail comment that offers “lazy” charging system, and that means that the images are loading as we scrolling the web; This means that if the user does not “go down” to the end of the web, they will not load all the elements, which means a good saving in the loading time of the site or landing page. Ready for Retina and responsive like mobile is another of the themes we recommend.

Blocksy – Download

So we focus on a Not extensive list of themes, but all of high quality and that are free in WordPress. Now it is up to you to try one and the other to find the one that best suits you for your own need or for that client who needs you.

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