Amazon is the king of smiles with its eternal logo that first comes directly into our minds so that we empathize with the brand. Something that happens with the new Jetlines logo in which there is an “easter egg” or hidden easter egg.

It is clearly seen, but we are going to let you click on the article to find it below. For this reason we return to that of if you can put a smile on your lifetime logo, since the smile is so contagious that it leads the client to relax and take you in another way.

Canada Jetlines has recently worked with Cossette to create a new brand identity and which includes a new logo that hides a surprise. Surely you have already fallen into it and you can see that smiling face that is formed thanks to the two points of the plane’s engines and that curve.

With what the firm is able to first let’s know what the brand is about and, second, we realize that the smile is there to vilely catch us. And it is that even this way of understanding the logo goes with the objective of the company to offer the lowest costs to fly in Canada.

What the logo does is reaffirm the face of enthusiasm that it can be provoked in a client when he goes to pay the invoice and realize that it is cheaper than you thought. This idea also underlies Amazon and that logo that is the maximum example to take to others and thus provoke smiles and love to future customers.

They have even released a video to show the new brand identity and how a smile can mark distances and lift our customers to the skies with our enthusiasm. Do not miss this publication that shows what some classics of painting would be like with a good smile.