a Hashtag TikTok challenge beyond the brand’s expectations

ZALORA, have you heard of it? This important e-commerce platform in the Asian fashion industry offers a large collection of 3000 local and international brands. In order to break even more into the market, raise awareness and attract new buyers at the brand’s online event, “ZALORA Fashion Festival”, it launched a TikTok campaign that was a hit. Inspiration for you…

#ZStyleNow Challenge, ZALORA’s Hashtag TikTok Challenge #

In order to encourage TikTok’s vast audience to participate in the ZALORA Fashion Festival, mainly composed of Millenials, the e-commerce platform has chosen to organize the #ZStyleNow Challengea branded Hashtag challenge in Singapore on the social network.

She complemented her campaign with ads to both generate buzz for her own branded Hashtag challenge and generate new application installations.

To the rhythm of personalized music, the #ZStyleNow Challenge invited TikTokers to make a Z-shaped hand signal, which would trigger the instant change of outfit.

In addition, it was an opportunity for them to show off their wardrobe and their fashionista side on TikTok, the most profitable and used application of the moment. For even greater commitment and participation, ZALORA offered a gift of up to $200 worth of products per winner.

Results beyond expectations!

To test the variations of the ads, the brand conducted A/B testing, which increased the exposure of the Hashtag challenge. This strategy attracted both new visitors to its website and new application installations.

In the end, the tests yielded much more than the brand expected. Beyond the promotion of her event and the development of the brand, she was able to better understand her audience.

Results: The #ZStyleNow Challenge videos have been viewed nearly one million times in total, with 62,000 users participating in the challenge. ZALORA’s testing enabled it to deliver a more effective campaign at a lower cost with a click-through rate (CTR) of 19.75%.

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