Adidas logo flip flop

What can be achieved by just scrolling a line in a logo is sometimes awesome. This is what happens with the great idea carried out with this concept for an Adidas advertisement.

Is the Adidas sandals advertising, the one that the cat has taken to the water by having this great advertising idea, in which a horizontal line is simply drawn to fit perfectly with the logo of the sports shoe brand.

That creative way of give the Adidas logo a twist and that it has finally fitted to be a benchmark for the brand, it serves perfectly to carry out modifications such as the one carried out, and that are attractively striking.


Those three oblique lines have been added a horizontal line that allows you to perfectly draw the idea of ​​the Adidas sandal. It’s so cool and so simple that it’s pure ingenuity. So it also teaches us that this ingenious idea can be around the corner with a little patience and let it “cook” in our minds and creativity.

Or as a simple mistake of lace or in a stroke can lead to give these great ideas. Who would say that mistakes have not made their way. And while some have applauded that horizontal line, others have mentioned that it can also be a sailboat, although it remains a lot to understand that it comes more from envy.

A Adidas logo that has given rise to the sneaker brand you can have original occurrences by simply drawing a horizontal line below those three oblique lines. We already talked years ago about that concept of the three stripes and that it has given a lot for this brand.