A new study makes it clear: minimalist logos don’t sell


From what a new study collects, it appears to be that all those minimalist logos that have been designing, have been practically useless. Seems to be that really do not do that desired effect in customers or consumers, but the other way around, it throws them back.

I mean, what think about creating a descriptive logo Instead of those minimalisms that, from the designer’s point of view, are more than excellent, but for those who are going to request a service or buy an object or consumer good, neither fu nor fa, as one might say.

This recent study maintains that buyers prefer a descriptive logo than those minimalist logos that are in trend. And it is that long ago, these minimalist logos were a win-win according to the experts, although it is the descriptive logos that lead the boat to the water in each category.



The study itself, published in the Journal of Marketing Reasearch, is based on the fact that a descriptive logo is more successful in generating “trust”. Research carried out by professors from Canada, England and France examined a total of 597 logos which, with the help of 2,000 study participants, led them to discover that the more descriptive a logo is, the more positive effects it has on print. of authenticity and, therefore, of purchase intention.



Which is really what you are looking for, as it happens with those keywords that give us leads on our landing pages. Participants in the study received descriptions from various companies for them to judge the authenticity of their logos. To finally define that there is a very significant positive association between the description of the logo and the gross profits.

We can talk about an example: the minimalism in the new Slack logo. But there are many more abstract logos losing sales by themselves. Those of Citroën, Mastercard, Mitsubishi Motors and many more. Of course, remember that when a company is huge enough, it can avoid having a descriptive logo and be based on a minimalist one, as is the case with the “M” for McDonalds and that we have seen on successive occasions.

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