Curious that no cartoonist would have ever thought of using the figure of a super-powered toilet for a story (although I might miss one). Has been Banksy the one who has surprised us with this beautiful work in which he puts the toilets in their place, the one they deserve.

The real superheroes of these days they are not paid as they should and in these parts they have been cut whenever it has been wanted; even with that white tide that took to the streets to claim its place. Banksy has returned them to their place and from which they should never leave.

If last week we learned that one of his most recognized works appeared with a mask, and without counting on that bathroom and its rats in full confinement, now it has reappeared with a black and white painting in which a child is seen playing with a nurse as if she were a superheroine.

The important thing about that image is also the detail of that trash can in which you see two characters that are well known to all and that they are none other than Batman and Spiderman; two superheroes who give greater strength to Banksy’s message to recognize what the toilets are at stake in these days of COVID-19.

In fact the only color that stands out in this work is the red of the red cross of the toilet the child plays with. Now let’s hope that all this that is happening has the necessary effect so that health workers are always put in the foreground and the basic need for our society to move forward.

In the paint left in near the emergency area from Southampton General Hospital, Banksy leaves this message: “Thank you for all that you are doing. Hope this brightens up the place a bit, even if it’s just black and white. ” A