The NASA recently posted an amazing photo of the Space Station in its orbit to the earth and that appears just above the Sun to demonstrate all the magnificence of this star.

What makes this photograph unique is the fact that no sunspot appears when the silhouette of the Solar Station is perfectly visible. A photograph taken by Rainee Colacurcio and that teaches everyone that magical moment.

It is not the first time that Colacurcio has published a photograph of the Space Station appearing in silhouette over the incredible image of our Sun. As he himself says, taking a photograph of this caliber has its difficulty, since the ISS orbits Earth every 90 minutes, which makes it extremely difficult to take such a photo.

Spacial station

The magic or trick of this photograph It is based on the fact that two photographers took one photograph of the sun and the other centered on the Space Station. It is in this last photo where we can find the details of that Sun in which there are no sunspots and it reproduces that special point for the photo.

The fact of the lack of sunspots on the Sun It is due to the special period you are in right now and it is called Minimum Single. This cycle can last up to 11 years and during these years there may not be any sunspots.

Sun spots appear every so often due to the low temperatures caused by magnetic fields. These solar spots can be as large as planets, although at first glance they may appear small.

A photo more than striking of the solar star in which you can see perfectly the silhouette and shape of the Space Station that orbits our planet. Don’t miss the colors of Climate Change.