Slack bar redesign

We are fans of Slack and every time it arrives with one of this news we are happy and it shows. This time even more when we know that Slack just revealed its biggest redesign ever carried out.

And it may sound a bit pretentious, as you’ve been through these lines many times when many didn’t like that logo redesign. But surely those who now work from home It will be a great welcome to telecommute from a great user experience.

Slack has started deploy a redesigned interface with a number of added features and that are designed to create what they have called a simpler and more organized Slack. If it is already a great tool for organizing and managing teams in terms of communication, now it is even more so.


A new navigation bar, collapsing folders to organize conversations and much more. The new sidebar with collapsing folders means that if you’re working on a project with its own channels and chats, they can now be “joined” from the same section.

The only handicap of this new feature is that it is only available to users with a subscription. The new navigation bar has a search function to find conversations, files and other types of documents. In the upper left we find the button to compose and that allows you to start a conversation from anywhere.

Also in the Slack’s interface design has introduced a bit more “spacing” between the elements. In these times when many work from home using Slack as a means of communication, it is a great moment for this redesign and that it boosts the already good user experience.