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Another great initiative from Adobe and that makes 1 million euros available to creatives so that these days of confinement for COVID-19 can be better spent.

That is, if your income in part or in full they arrive thanks to your design, drawing or illustration, just like another profession that has to do with your most creative aspect, you can now apply for this help which can be accessed by hundreds of creatives.

Adobe today announced what it has termed as Creative Residence Community Fund and in which it has added 1 million dollars to the fund in order to subsidize creatives of all disciplines these days.

Community fund

We are talking about grants that range from $ 500 to $ 5,000, and that it offers as a measure of help in these days when the economy is suffering due to the coronavirus. Not only does it stay on a financial aid that we can apply for, but it also offers help to include creatives in Creative Cloud membership and career guidance workshops.

The Community Fund of the Creative Residence will be available for 12 months for two days, just April 28. Adobe will be accepting applications every month in order to contribute its two cents in these difficult days in the economy of many creatives.

If you are reading these lines it is also because any creative from anywhere in the world they can request this help with that limit from 500 to 5,000 dollars.

Link to request help from Adobe is this. We also have another program from Affinity to subsidize artists.

Also don’t miss out on Adobe’s Creative Residency Program where you can work on a fully funded personal project for a year. This year Adobe has welcomed Maddy Beard, UI / UX designer, and Christina Poku. Also do not miss this