Adobe Color accessibility

Many times we do not even realize that our environment is not sufficiently “conceived” from an accessibility perspective. If we go digital, Adobe has added a new color wheel accessible from Adobe Color.

An Adobe website like tool to create color palettes and that from these lines we have recommended you at some point. Now it is updated with better accessibility options to help those designers who want their designs to be “accessible” too.

We are talking about a new color wheel in Adobe Color that is characterized by being accessible by allowing designers to verify that their color themes are compatible with three types of color blindness: Deuteranopia, Protanopia and Tritanopia.

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The interesting thing about this wheel and new feature of this website To create color palettes, it provides a simulated view of how the subject will appear to those affected by these three types of color blindness. Without a doubt, a whole proposal by Adobe and that wants to join for this World Accessibility Day.

Adobe Color

Deficiency in color vision affects 3-5% of the world’s population. When you add contrast sensitivity, age-related vision degeneration, and other issues, we’re talking about a serious portion of the population that can benefit from accessibility from a design standpoint.

Is The same Adobe Color tool lets you modify the color palette if you find that there are some shades that affect these types of people in the normal view of the web parts that may contain them. So through the sliders we can quickly make modifications from the same web.

A Adobe that days ago updated numerous apps of Creative Cloud related to video and sound. Do not miss the news.