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Adobe Creative Cloud

If there is a software that allows the designer’s work to be fully developed, that is undoubtedly Adobe’s. Adobe Creative Cloud is a service from Adobe Systems that allows the user to access a large number of design programs, through a subscription, without having to own the software itself.

The great multitude of programs that this service contains is enormous. In addition, the vast majority can be integrated with others, significantly increasing their possibilities. There are so many that we wanted to dedicate a post to the most striking programs, let’s go!

Adobe photoshop

This world-renowned program is undoubtedly the key tool for every graphic designer. The possibilities that Photoshop can give you are endless, being used mainly for photographic retouching.

Adobe Animate

Another very famous program from Adobe. Create and manipulate vector graphics. It is a traditional animation studio that works with frames, creating interactive content. Many movies and series have been made with this program.

Adobe Audition

This app is a sound studio, digital audio editing can be done with it.

Adobe Dreamweaver

With Adobe Dreamweaver you can create, design and edit Web sites and applications, as standard. In addition, it can be used in a multitude of languages, even Arabic or Hebrew.

Adobe Color

A truly original program, where we can combine colors creating infinite palettes, which we can use in our creative designs. If you want to know more about this program and about color theory, I invite you to read this previous post.

Adobe illustrator

It is a true art workshop. Adobe illustrator It will allow us to edit vector graphics in an artistic way, creating drawings for illustration or editing images. It is, without a doubt, a key tool that will allow the illustrator to reach another level beyond the manual.

Adobe InCopy

It is a word processor similar to Word, but also allows its integration with other design applications, such as Adobe InDesign. In this way, the design and editing teams can share a text at the same time, speeding up work.

Adobe InDesign

This application is aimed at professional layout designers, allowing them to digital composition of pages. As we’ve seen, it can be coupled with Adobe InCopy to streamline multi-professional work together.

Adobe AfterEffects

Adobe AfterEffects will allow creation of motion graphics and special effects, based on overlapping layers. There are many plugins for this application that help to carry out these effects, significantly speeding up the work of professionals.

Adobe Prelude

It is intended for the professional video editing, containing a large number of tools for that purpose.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

It’s about a digital photography editing program whose use is focused on professional and amateur photographers. It helps to view, edit and manage digital photos, and can then print them, put them on a web page, etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Pro will allow video editing in a professional way, while Adobe Premiere Elements is aimed at a wider audience. It is structured following the stages of video editing: assembly, editing, color, effects, audio and titles. It is widely used by professionals. For example, the BBC uses it for post-production of its broadcasts.

Adobe Story

This application allows script development, in addition to collaborating online. It encompasses all the script production, being able to create production reports, import scripts, access from other devices, etc.

Adobe XD

It’s a program intended for vector graphics editing. In this case, it is more focused on creating the user experience, and can be applied to Web pages and mobile applications.

Adobe bridge

It’s about a image organizer and file manager. As its name suggests, it serves as a bridge to various Adobe Creative Cloud programs. For example, by integrating it with Photoshop, you can perform processing separately and at the same time as Photoshop.

Other programs

Other Adobe programs with other uses are: Adobe Dimension, Portfolio, Fuse and Stock.

What are you waiting for to expand your possibilities in the world of design?

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