We already talked about Adobe Fresco in its day and we have been waiting for it to be that app to draw that will imitate the behavior of a watercolor brush or with another type of material.

Today we can say that you can already reserve so that on September 24 it is launched. An app that aims to imitate the experience provided by a brush with oil on its bristles. It is the goal of Adobe thanks to its artificial intelligence Adob ​​Sensei.

At the moment it will remain exclusive for the iPad version and is the answer to the popular Procreate app on iOS. It is now when you can reserve Adobe Fresco in the App Store where it can be found for free.


Originally called Project Gemini, it is an app that is focuses on recreating the same sensations that you can draw or paint with physical or traditional tools. That is, you can press and with different gestures or strokes you can create textures as you would with acrylic, watercolor or oil.

Fresco boasts of offering the largest collection of brushes in the world from your app. And apart from imitating those more traditional tools, we can use the option to combine both one and those focused on vectors in order to enjoy their experiences on the same canvas.


That is to say, they want to merge what has always been the traditional drawing experience with the pure digital one that we are already used to. What is striking is Sensei’s integration, Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence and Learning Platform.

The function of Adobe Fresco will help imitate that feeling to be painting with a real brush or with the same charcoal on sepia pastel. This means that the washings will have a life of their own while the oil can be worked as if it were the same raw material.

You can reserve it from this link in Adobe.