InDesign 2.0

InDesign turned 20 years old on August 31 And it seems like it was only recently that this design program started to catch on. The truth is that we did not imagine all the years it has been with us to be a more than important layout software.

It was released on August 31, 1999 and to commemorate it Adobe has presented a collection of historical items of Adobe files to show how InDesign has progressed through time. We are going to share it with all of you so that you know its journey and reason for being.

InDesign’s goal was to revolutionize the industry print and digital publisher with that software for typographic design and layout. A program that today is essential for a multitude of companies and professionals in the sector in order to layout those magazines, brochures and other necessary publications.


InDesign arrived in version 1 with every intention of becoming a reference, but it wouldn’t be until 2.0redesigned from scratch, when it would become part of MacOSX and be a launch pad for decades of innovation.


A program that has been used by magazines like WIRED and that has been used to its first editions for the iPad. A tool that keeps improving to create better and optimized workflows incorporating Adobe Sensei as well as Content Aware Fit. Utilities with which to improve the performance of professionals and spend more of their time creating and being creative.

This collection of historical elements shows the evolution of this capital program for the Creative Cloud suite and that it becomes another part of the history of this company that even this year won its first Oscar from the Hollywood Academy. Don’t miss out on this template with its keyboard shortcuts.