Lightroom Arm

Everything evolves and the same happens with the processors of mobile devices and those that are not and have the Apple M1 chip or an ARM in their previous (As are those Qualcomm Snapdragon) with Windows 10. And that is why Adobe has rebuilt Lightroom to be a native app for these two types of chips mentioned, either from Apple or Microsoft.

A interesting proposal that is linked to an improvement in performance and energy efficiency on Apple M1 and Qualcomm Snapdragon chips (Windows 10); and that we see the latter in a wide variety of mobile devices with Android as the Operating System.

That is, the latest version of Adobe Lightroom It is now a native application for the Apple M1 and Windows ARM platforms. Everything is for an improvement in the performance and energy efficiency of these platforms and that in the long run we users will enjoy by being able to extend the life of the laptop battery or the performance of it in tasks of greater substance.

ARM Lightroom

Adobe maintains that it will continue to optimize the performance of this type of platforms in future updates, and that it will not take long to do so on Intel-based computers; In other words, he wants us all to be happy so that the efficiency with our devices is the best.

That said, a Also native version of Apple M1 and Windows Arm of Photoshop on beta channel in November, which indicates that we would soon have a final version to enjoy the said amenities. Those of you who have Creative Cloud can go through the beta of it to get hold of it.

Soon we will know more about What to expect from Adobe in a busy 2020 and that we have been able to witness with their resounding updates.