Adobe Photoshop Camera

IOS and Android users are in luck because You can already try the Adobe Photoshop Camera preview, the new Adobe app with which it intends to revolutionize the cameras of both Android and iOS smartphones.

An app focused on Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence and that it intends to become the best tool to inspire the millions of people who daily take photos with their cameras and then upload them to social networks.

We have already known how in Photoshop we are about to be able to select complete objects thanks to the Artificial Intelligence of Adobe Sensei, well in Adobe Photoshop Camera we will have the same ability to unleash our imagination and creativity.

That is, we can select complete areas of the photo to be able to apply effects and those automatic functions that they will display. In Adobe Photoshop Camera we are going to see a lot of photography by software so that we do not have to depend so much on the hardware of the cameras.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

The great skill of Adobe Photoshop Camera will be that offer us the ability to apply unique characteristics at the moment of capture, be it portraits, panoramas, selfies or even food photos. Everything will be done automatically to make that great photo that we will upload later.

Adobe Photoshop Camera also understands the technical content of the capture, as is dynamic range, tonality, scene type before which it is or the regions of the face. You will apply those adjustments accordingly to get the best out of your photo.

We will also have to the lenses of artists like Billie Eilish that will allow us to apply exciting effects to photos. The preview for iOS and Android is now available, and you have to request access from this form with which after a few questions, we will be ready to receive the beta.