Advanced color editing in Adobe Lightroom

It will not only be Adobe’s new advanced color correction feature available in Lightroom, but it will also do so in Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw.

A novelty that will serve both professionals and ordinary users the ability to retouch editing for midtones in photos and more. That is, we will have one more element in our hand to use and thus offer a greater game in our work.

Is Pei Ketron from the Lightroom team who has advanced this novelty for Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Camera Raw. It is a new advanced color correction function that gives greater precision when working with midtones when editing a photo; as it does also in the light and shadows and that until this next update were present in the Split Toning tool.

In fact Ketron shows it in a video on YouTube so that we do not lack details of this new addition to these three Adobe apps and that today are being widely used by all types of users; especially those who want to give that point of quality and retouching to their photographs and images.

Other interesting novelty like the ones that recently brought us Adobe with that new ability in Photoshop to be able to change the sky of a photograph with a click; something that we also have available in Photoshop Camera, although not with all the versatility that the desktop program has.

Now we can only wait for receive it in a new Lightroom update in its two options to be able to handle better with the color values ​​of the photographs in which we are working.