Adobe Photoshop Object Selection Tool

Adobe has announced a more than important feature for the day to day of a designer who has to compose scenes. Simply the new Self-explanatory Object Selection tool. That is, you can select entire objects to forget about having to use the magnetic loop and those tools to which we are used.

In a YouTube video that we share from these same lines, Adobe shows how this tool works that will allow us to save precious time that we can use for other purposes.

If we already have the button «Select Theme», and that allows users to select the most prominent theme of an image thanks to a simple and single click, you will soon be able to user the new object selection tool from Adobe Photoshop.

This tool will be found at the top of the Magic Wand tool group and will allow us to select individual objects as well as combine or deselect them when we want it. How this new tool “captures” these objects is due to the invaluable help of Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence technology that it is using in almost its entire range of products.

the same Photoshop Product Manager, Payne Stotzner, in a video published today on YouTube, shows us a preview of how this tool works. So we recommend that you enjoy the 1:50 seconds that the video lasts and in which it shows us how this new tool is capable of taking a whole object. He does it with a photograph of two girls that, by selecting with the selection box, Adobe Sensei does his thing to select them both.

A new tool that will make things much easier when we have to select different objects in the scene to apply effects and other actions that a program like Adobe allows us. An Adobe that has already preparing Adobe Fresco and we will soon receive the integration with productivity tools such as Microsoft Word.