PS Camera

We were waiting for the final version of Adobe Photoshop Camera since we had a chance to test the beta. An app for retouching that uses Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s Artificial Intelligence technology and that achieves excellent results for all types of photographs.

On this day Adobe has published the app on both Android and iOS, so users will have in their hand a great free app to highlight those photos they take with their mobile phones. Version 1.0 is released with new effects to qualitatively improve the photos we take with our mobiles.

Adobe Photoshop Camera uses the local resources of our mobile, so you need a good smartphone so you can “throw away”, since otherwise the performance may not be optimal. In fact in the first versions, even in a high-end like Samsung’s Note10 +, it did not go as well as we would like.

Effects in PS Camera

Yes, in version 1.0 already we have that level of optimization to fully enjoy its various effects. By the way, a few new ones are coming so that we can “retouch” those photos that are going to get so much admiration when we pass them on to social networks and messaging apps.

Effects in PS Camera

Adobe’s mission is to put in the hands of all kinds of developers, although it is true that for those who upload high-quality content It will be an essential tool, an app with which to qualitatively improve your photos. And the truth is that we can almost say that it is the best app for filters. Now it remains for more designers to join in creating filters with Adobe Sensei’s Artificial Intelligence and can give users a greater number of filters to enhance their photos on networks.

An entire arrival that of Adobe Photoshop Camera and that you already have available on both Android and iOS in their respective stores makes a few linked words.