Adobe Stock audio

Adobe has announced the integration of audio in Adobe Stock in order to expand the content you have from this platform that we can access through a subscription and that allows us to have professional quality content in our hands.

A led integration to between Adobe Stock and Adobe Premiere that will allow all creative to access thousands of audio recordings and with all the luxury that means without watermark. The important thing about this integration, apart from now having audio from Stock, is that we can easily incorporate it into the Premiere Pro workflow.

And we are talking about An announcement that marks the fifth anniversary of Adobe Stock, a very special platform to have professional quality content in terms of photos, videos and much more.

It will be from Adobe Premiere Pro where we can go browsing, previewing, and licensing audio tracks from Adobe Stock; that is, the workflow will be fully optimized so that we can add those tracks after playing them and understand that they are useful for our current project.

These audio tracks come from Epidemic Sound and Jamendo, so it is a very complete audio library to satisfy all kinds of needs. In the video you can see more about those audio tracks that are the soundtrack of corporate videos or that of the presentation of our ecommerce products.

A great opportunity to get closer to great quality audio content And that comes just in these days when we are receiving updates to Adobe design programs such as those part of Creative Cloud; Special mention to that new filter app called Adobe Photoshop Camera and that is delighting many.