Content Aware Fill

Shortly after Adobe MAX 2019, the American company has shown Your Advances In Magic That Happens With The Content-Aware Fill Tool. A new feature that has been improved and optimized to give better results.

And the truth is that the dice are more than incredible. This tool takes care of digitally erase an area of ​​the image to replace it with a sample from another part of the image. We’ve had this feature for a while now, but now it’s going to be vastly improved.

Actually what Adobe has done is give more control to users in the filling process and added the “Automatic” and “Custom” options to the tool. You can watch the video to see the magic that takes place.

If we use the customize option, we can physically draw the exact pixel of the sample to be replicated. By clicking on “Auto”, Photoshop will do its magic using Adobe Sensei technology and we have also seen working in its new app called Fresco for the iPad.

Sensei what he does is auto-find the pixel selection it “understands” that would be better for the filling. In other words, in the end we are left with a kind of magic wand that is responsible for making the elements of a photograph that we want to take out of it invisible.

We recommend that you watch the video to see it in full operation These new features of Content-Aware Fill and that properly works as if we did magic on a photograph or image. Another hoot for Adobe that remains determined to find the best excuse to move to its subscription model in Creative Cloud.

If you want some magic, a little patience and soon you will be able to enjoy the new update that will come to Adobe Photoshop with Content-Aware Fill and those options for customization or even working with the Adobe Sensei automatic.