We return with one of the creative trends that will be trending in 2020 according to the Adobe Stock team, which is the image bank that one can approach for any type of need for clients and thus create that same content for social networks.

This time is «Express yourself» as they have called more and more people express their feelings through social media. This human need to show faces in which a feeling is strongly expressed is increasingly necessary from digital media.

This range of emotions is another of the indicators to take into account in 2020 and that has been a trend seen in recent years. The demand for images that show this whole range of feelings and expressions is very high and they are perfect to quickly attract the attention of all types of users and viewers.


Are brands and public figures who jump on the trend train of expressing himself to use those images of great strength and that usually have a great impact on engagement both in social networks and in public media. The same can be said of an advertisement that uses these expressions for the inclusiveness of all kinds of people in an increasingly connected and united world.

Is show the realities through an expression on the face or an action with the hands that can show joy to the deepest feelings of the soul. A trend that is added to that of “All Ages Welcome” and that we were announcing two days ago. Here you have that trend of how certain age groups are in a great revitalizing moment and that brands should not put aside due to the great interest they arouse.