Adobe Photoshop update

Adobe continues to give a lot of war and is at the height of its apps and programs that continues to update so as not to lose curve and leave other spaces to grow. This time Photoshop has updated for the iPad with a series of new features such as the selection of objects, documents in the cloud and more.

We refer to spaces in which others can grow, such as Affinity and its suite of programs that are very capable of being great alternatives to Photoshop or Illustrator itself. We are going to know those news of Photoshop on the iPad.

First of all we focus on selecting objects as the first what’s new in this update. Use Adobe Sensei technology to automatically select objects in an image so you can create layers to apply all kinds of effects.

Image before

We also have documents in the cloud as another novelty and that is aimed at managing the files that we have in the Adobe cloud service. Here the batteries have been put so that the loading and unloading are 90% faster and we do not waste time in these tasks.

Photoshop Smart Selection on iPad

And we are done with the presets that improve workflows and specifically allow layer adjustment controls and layer and what is text input. A series of novelties for an Adobe that days ago launched the Android version of Adobe Photoshop Camera and with which it intends to revolutionize the creation of multimedia content from a mobile phone. Do not miss the publication where you can download the preview of the app, although it is dedicated to high-end mobiles.


What’s new for Photoshop on iPad that equate in certain characteristics to the PC version such as the intelligent selection of objects and that deserves all the distinction by itself.