Adobe updates Photoshop with an improved Subject Selection

Automatic Adobe Font

Just hours ago Adobe has announced major updates to its large catalog of programs circumscribed under Creative Cloud. In this post we are going to talk about the ones that come to Photoshop in its desktop version.

As Adobe mentions well, this is the largest set of features brought from Adobe MAX at the 2019 conference. Among those features it is worth mentioning the improvement in the “magic” of machine learning from Adobe Sensei and the optimization of workflows to cut creative production time. Go for it.

Adobe has put all meat on the grill to greatly improve the Subject Selection function to dramatically improve automatic selection results.

Select Subject 2019

Select Subject 2020

We can see the great improvement in this succession of images so you can see how it worked in 2019 and how it does now; in fact we have witnessed this selection in the great Adobe Photoshop Camera released on Android and iOS last week.

In fact it has paid special attention to the details of the hair in portrait photos and that are usually the war horse we must fight against when we want to select the background of a photograph.

Another of the best in Photoshop has been in the Adobe Camera Raw user experience. It is in the interface that imitates the most modern of Lightroom that Camera Raw now takes. With the screenshots provided you can get a quick idea of ​​those visual improvements in sliders and more.

Modern Lightroom interface

Nor should we disdain new automatic activation feature of Adobe Fonts when a document is opened. The big difference is that when we now open a document and those fonts are missing, Adobe Photoshop automatically searches for them so as not to ask us to start this process. Now everything is automatic.

Automatic Adobe Font

Finally have two more novelties: patterns that can be rotated and font identification with Match Font. The first one hardly needs to mention what it does, and the second is capable of identifying that source of an image.

Match Font

These are the biggest new features of Photoshop for the desktop version. Soon we will release the news for the desktop version and the rest of Creative Cloud, so don’t miss them!

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