Bird view embroidery

What great embroidery capacity to create these ‘aerial’ pieces that look like they were taken from a drone flying over the English countryside.

In fact, this perspective given for these embroideries is capable of turning into a miniature a piece worthy of mention and that places us before the artist Victoria Rose Richards, and that she is a professional embroiderer; and how well it shows with his talent.

The truth that has left us with our mouths open when taking a first look at one of his early embroidery pieces, and in which you can perfectly see an aerial view of that English countryside. In fact, this embroidery professional has made 35 of her own and unique pieces that show us that variety of geography with its greens and those fields of all colors.


Embroideries full of details to which we can take the eye to look at work that is behind each grove, river or open fields in which the hand of this embroiderer is noticed.

Countryside embroidery

We recommend that you visit his Instagram to know the rest of her embroidery related to that English countryside and what looks like a ‘bird’s eye view’ or from a drone. It was a few years since we shared the work of an artist related to embroidery and it was Chloe Giordano who amazed us with her work.

We could be commenting on each of your embroideries of those more than 200 pieces that you have on your Instagram account and of which we have seen some simply wonderful. Those cotton clouds that are capable of creating even the sensation of being high enough to leave us with a very beautiful landscape.