AI Portraits

AI Portrait Ars is a new web solution that allows us to convert our face in one of those classics of painting. That is, like FaceApp and that madness of getting old, this one takes you to other centuries.

What this app does well is redesign your faces to show you how would you be in a renaissance painting. That is, you could say that one of the masters of painting has painted you like this with all the face in the world.

The truth that the results are magnificent, as long as you can enter the web, because now it seems down. When you can enter, you will be able to upload a photo that will be transferred to the platform’s servers so that your face can work and I redesign it to convertPortrait

it in all a Renaissance classic.

You have the option of using different models, although you will have to register on the web in order to use them. You can download the resulting image as well as the pair of photos so that you can see the difference between the treatment that has been carried out by the artificial intelligence of AI Portraits.

The pity is that still there is no mobile app. In other words, everything has to be done from the web. So if you want to face FaceApp you will have to go through the iOS and Android stores so that anyone can have it on their mobiles.

An interesting proposal that arises in this maelstrom generated with the app that it makes you look older and that the truth achieves the transformation very well. With regard to this Renaissance, do not despair if you do not come out very graceful. As far as we are concerned, it is not that he has retouched us well enough.

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