A sad day for the world of cartoons and drawings with him death of Albert Uderzo, the creator of Asterix and Obélix and who has left us at the age of 92. He has died unrelated to the coronavirus and from a heart attack.

Uderzo gave life for the first time to Asterix when published in 1959 in the magazine PiloteAlthough the first album “Asterix the Gaul” did not appear until two years later with a circulation of 6,000 copies.

Asterix and Obelix is ​​the most translated comic in the world to be in 111 languages ​​and dialects It has sold 335 million copies worldwide. Two iconic characters of pop culture and who for decades have been part of the adventures that we have lived with them and how we enjoyed when they gave their thing to the damn Romans.

Your screenwriter Goscinny passed away in 1977, but Uderzo continued the series until in 2010 it was finally published. Asterix has gone from comic books to those animated films such as The twelve tests of Asterix or those already taken to the cinema with Asterix: mission Cleopatra; a world of animation at your fingertips with ToonBoom if your school requests a free trial.

Uderzó started his career at SPE, a Parisian publishing house where he learned the basics of drawing and where he met his mentor, Edmond Calvo. It was in 1951 that Uderzo and Goscinny met and gave way to two of the most iconic characters in pop culture.

Not only did they give way to their two most popular characters, but we also had Panoramix and that town of irreducible Gauls with whom we lived the most enjoyable and fun adventures. A sad day for the world of drawing when one of the greats like Uderzo leaves and that from here we will miss for their stories.