Adobe Stock Trends

Like every year, the team of Adobe Stock gives us the possibility to know the most important aspects of what will dominate the design scene in 2020. That is, if you want to keep up to date this post is more than essential.

We will start the series with “All ages Welcome”, or what would be “All ages are welcome”. And everything goes around how the age group of 60 years is going to have its importance in the future of 2020 and that we will now go on to tell. Oh, and don’t forget that the rest of the following days we will be approaching the rest of the 2020 trends by Adobe.

The World Health Organization has mentioned that the 60-year-old age group will outnumber children under 5. This is not positive news at all, but if we understand that we are in an interconnected world and that medical progress has improved, older adults are increasingly participating in society more than their parents and grandparents would.

Adobe Stock Trends

That is why Adobe Stock puts the accent for 2020 on those age groups with a large number of images that show the individual autonomy of the elderly. For reasons such as better financial stability and a ‘better lived’ old age, there are new experiences and ways of discovering the world in different ways.

So for brands the represent this age group and between sectors such as banking, tourism, greeting or sport. Adobe Stock will be a perfect digital space to find those images that represent some of the services and products that we have on our website or at work for a client with this type of “buyer persona”.

And of course, we leave you with the new Adobe Photoshop Camera app to breathe creativity into your multimedia content.