All career opportunities in Fine Arts studies

Fine arts

«Sorolla. A garden to paint »by Fundación Bancaja is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Are you thinking of dedicating yourself to the world of Fine Arts but doubt about the job opportunities you may have?

In this post we will explore practically all the branches to which you can dedicate yourself to develop your full potential. Let’s go there!

Artistic projects and productions

As a professional of Fine Arts, you can dedicate yourself to the management and development of artistic projects and productions in the field of visual arts. The possibilities are endless.

Professional in various branches: drawing, painting …

You can also specialize in very diverse branches of Fine Arts: drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, engraving and printing, photography, video creation and sound art, performance, public environments, multimedia, scenography, net-art … Which is your favorite? ?

Graphic, editorial and audiovisual design

In addition, you can develop as a graphic designer, a job currently in high demand due to the great boom in technology and the Internet. Editorial and audiovisual design are also interesting options.

Teaching and research

Being a teacher is another option. For academies, drawing schools, public or private schools … there are many options. Research in the world of Fine Arts is also something you can dedicate yourself to.

Creative and art direction

The creative director is in demand in multiple jobs: communication, entertainment, information industry …

Creative multimedia

You will develop 2D and 3D animations and more multimedia technology.

Advertising production

The world of advertisements is something you are sure to find work in.

Cultural actions

Whether publicly or privately, cultural actions take place every day of the year. A professional in this sector is essential.

Cultural and art manager


«MX TV PINTAR LA CIUDAD» by Secretary of Culture CDMX is licensed under CC BY 2.0

You can work in museums, art galleries …

Art critic

Writing in magazines, blogs, newspapers …

Web design

Everything related to the world of web page design can be done as a professional of Fine Arts.

Do you know another way out of this beautiful race?

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