Metro style world railway map

That may be a good idea as a concept to maybe see the knots of the trains In order to understand which are the cities that link the most trains, but looking at it well, this metro-style world train map is all chaos.

A metro style that we can see here in Madrid with this excellent map and that allows us at a quick glance to know which metro we have to take to get to any part of a big city like the one we find ourselves in.

This map has been posted on Twitter for an account called ‘the master of satire’ or ‘master of satire’ and in which it was possible to read: «imagine a day with this train map in your hand».

One of the biggest criticisms of this map is the part that covers almost all of Africa, since when you look for the map for some countries you will find a message saying “under construction”. Although the map has finally been updated to have the map of train tracks that we can find throughout the great African continent.

We are not going to go into details either, since being before a map that is really conceptual and with which distances cannot be measured, we can find curious details such as that Portugal is a train station in South America.

Mark Ovenden is the creative designer of this metro-style map and that he never had the idea of ​​making a scale representation of the distances that may exist between those cities and countries. What is curious is this map by Leonardo da Vinci who was able in his time to draw a map of an Italian city from a bird’s eye view. Go through the link to see the great genius with an equally great map.