All kinds of free resources on this new website: FreebiesByPeople


FreebiesByPeople is a website loaded with free content to increase our repertoire and thus be able to give the best quality to our clients. Here we can find icons, fonts, ebooks, themes and much more.

A dedicated website for programmers and designers and that from the left side panel you can access the most important parts of the site, while activating a more than important button: allowed for commercial use; We would already like you to offer us this facility on other sites.

That is, in FreebiesByPeople you can find from sources, icons, themes, interface kits, HTML themes, plugins, CSS snippets, ebooks, 3D models, WordPress themes, web apps and other series of content that we recommend you visit.

In total they are more than 1,000 resources free included in 14 different categories and that is perfectly organized to obtain that free or commercial option for use in our work for clients.


On each page of the resource we can find the button to make it favorite, download it, share it and even try it out in a live demo. The truth is that it offers many facilities to find those resources that we are looking for in a very simple way.

At the top we have also premium content, vip and affiliates when we are in a resource. It also shows all the content so that we get a better idea of ​​what we are going to download and thus facilitate everything.

The truth that to be a recently created website It is very well thought out and it shows that they have studied everything to offer a great user experience. We recommend it from here, like these other resources with which to increase your catalog.

This web is sponsored by ByPeople and that they also sell their resources if we already want to go to another level. Try how free there are some more than important resources.

Link: FreebiesByPeople

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