A visual interface has always been the guiding element in online shopping, although little by little it is being replaced by other ways. It is Amazon that wants you to do your shopping with your own hands.

I would be testing a new biometric payment system that would allow customers at Whole Foods to pay for their orders by simply running their hand through a scanner. That is, your hands would be the form of payment for your orders.

The project is called Orville and it is still in the testing phase. From the reports given, the same workers from Amazon’s offices in New York were being used as guinea pigs for the system.

Are the vending machines that sell snacks and more, and well modified, those used for these tests. The system would define a way of shopping in which the customer could enter the Whole Foods store with only his hand and a bag to make his purchase.


The scanning system identify the customer and charge the corresponding amount on your card so that you could leave with your purchase in hand. And most curious of all, is that the system in later phases, could even do without hands to rely on computer vision and geometry to identify the buyer.

A more than important moment for all these types of corporations who are looking for a way to facilitate payments, and at the same time save systems that force the consumption of more resources. We will see if these tests come to fruition and somehow reach the common public so that their hands can buy freely; as long as they have credit on the card to spend it.

Maybe it’s too late for a new card released by Apple, when everything seems to be that we won’t even need to carry anything, apart from the bag with amazon?