Not many of us will see the beach this year due to confinement, but you may be lucky enough to live close to this Basque artist who has created some spectacular sand sculptures, and that from afar, you could surely mistake them for a real animal.

Andoni Bastarrika has left us more than amazed with those sand sculptures which are very real. It is almost going to be the best way to remember that beach that has accompanied us on our vacations and where when visiting the promenades we would meet artists who use sand as their work material.

It is very clear that Bastarrika moves away in quality and talent from some of which we can see making sculptures; even more so when we ourselves start building a sand castle.

Bastarrika Sand Octopus

A I work very ambitious as you can see in the images that accompany us and that show that sand, well worked, can become a material to take into account when we want to look for new forms of expression; or at least materials.

Bastirraka German Shepherd

Bastarrika game with very interesting details as they are those textures that reveal skin imperfections of the animals that he sculpts with his hands. It is perhaps its hallmark to differentiate it from others and how the rhinoceros skin itself appears cracked to give a greater degree of realism.

Bastarrika Shark

Are the animals the protagonists of his sand sculpture and that you can follow from his Facebook and Instagram. For the texture, play with different degrees of humidity to be able to enhance the tentacles of an octopus or how the skin of a bull appears in uniform. A great job to follow and that from these lines in Creativos we recommend.

What leaves us curious are the beaches where they could be seen; They are safe from the north and from the Basque Country as well. He is not one of the first to visit us along these lines.