Google has taken a moment to teach in a video the new design lines of what will be the next evolution of Android. A video that shows the color palette and some more than important guides to know how this OS will be for the next few years.

They also make it known that they will put the accent on the color so that it stands out as the design language in apps, solutions and operating system, as well as showing the colors of that very well chosen palette.

The last time you received an update in logo and brand design was in 2014. It is this year in which a more modern look is introduced and in which its friendly android doll is not forgotten.

The logo design is inspired by the android robot, one that belongs to the community and that has been the symbol of this operating system that today is the most installed on the planet. It is the robot that now has a special place in your logo.


It has been modified the logo from green to black and the reason is because it looks clearer in reading this way. Having said the color, that we see the robot also means that they will begin to give wings to customization in their operating system with the next version of Android 10; which by the way, will no longer be named with the name of a dessert like the previous ones.

In the video we share You can see part of the work on the redesign of the logo and that color palette that will be used in the coming years. The truth is that it is very balanced and follows the guidelines of the design language seen by the great G in recent years.

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