Angel wings: what is their meaning and photos that represent wings

Angel wings

One of the most beautiful images that almost everyone at some point in their life observes or even has something related to it is angel wings. Whether through a charm, a tattoo, a poster or a simple image, this representation offers us not only tranquility and purity, but also hope and the desire to “escape”.

Angel wings are one of the most common visual elements among many designers, and perhaps the first sketches he makes. But what do these mean? What do they mean? All this and much more is what we are going to discuss next.

The representation of angel wings

The representation of angel wings

Thinking of angel wings is sure to make your own mind create a sharp image of them. Depending on each one, and their circumstances, it is usual to imagine them open, closed, a single wing, black or white like ivory. Depending on that tonality, they can indicate a dark being, or fallen, or sad; or a being of light, which signifies the positive, the good, the hope and the faith.

These wings are related to the guardian angel that each person is said to have, in such a way that we are talking about a representation of that guide that you have from someone who cares about you and tries to guide your steps so that your life is the best possible. In fact, there is a reference to that same “angel” in the Bible itself. It is about the moment when God speaks with Moses and tells him that he is going to send an angel to go ahead of him to protect him and to help you get to the place that God himself has prepared. Hence, we can say that it is not unreasonable to think like this about angel wings.

Although the normal thing is that these are represented in pendants, earrings, or even in rings, the truth is that there are also many who dare to tattoo wings, or draw them. And it is that, although it seems easy, creating angel wings that really seem to come to life, that appear human and heavenly at the same time, is not easy. That is why many designers try to make them, each in their own way, but few achieve the most desired effect, that of giving hope and at the same time impressing, thinking that they cannot be the creation of a human being.

Let’s go further, do you want to know what they mean?

The meaning of angel wings

The meaning of angel wings

Angel wings have multiple meanings, but all of them are closely related to purity, strength, perfection … It is a representation of the guide, of wanting to protect the other person and granting him the favor of a guardian angel at his side to protect him and the at the same time it serves as a guide in your day to day life

However, it is not the only meaning. There is also talk of being a connection between earth and sky, especially when that wing is presented individually, since it makes that person see as both a heavenly and human being, since it only conserves one wing. On the one hand, it has the freedom that wings give it; on the other, the strength to live.

There is no doubt that what wings symbolize is the possibility of freedom, the fact of being able to fly and embark on adventure, of achieving a goal for which one must fight (do not forget that everyone who has wings must take a leap of faith to learn to fly and that they do not always succeed the first time).

It must be borne in mind that the wings that are usually drawn are those related to magical beings, such as dragons, angels, demons, glued, fairies … which gives it a more paranormal meaning, as if it were an attempt to feed on the magic of these mythological beings to face the different problems that one has in life. But, in the case of angels, the most common connotation with these is to give protection to the person who carries it, as well as to attract that “special person” to help him.

Is it easy to draw wings?

Is it easy to draw angel wings?

If you are a designer, surely drawing wings does not have much problem, since right now there are many easy designs to do. And depending on your skill you can create other different designs. However, angel wings are some of the most difficult to achieve. Above all, to achieve the desired effect, which is the fact that they seem to come out of the paper itself or the computer.

Is it easy to draw wings?

This is not so easy, and very few professionals do it. However, it is not impossible either if you know some of the tricks that exist to achieve that effect. For example:

  • The use of shadows. Shadows are one of the most used techniques, which allows to give them volume. But also depth to the lines, seeming to stand out or even creating the illusion that they are moving.
  • The textures. Using different types of paper can work to your advantage to make angel wings more realistic.
  • Soft strokes combined with stronger ones. You give a greater realism to the drawing, focusing the attention on different parts that, combined with the above, will create the combined effect.

Is it easy to draw wings?

Angel wings photos

To finish, we leave you below a collection of angel wings that can give you ideas to create your own designs in order to use them, either in banners, logos, magazines … So you can create a portfolio with one of the most acclaimed designs and at the same harder to get time with a “wow” effect.

We recommend that don’t just base yourself on one design (or in several) but you create your own creation giving it that special touch. That will be what distinguishes you from the other designers (even if it differs a lot from the angel wings you usually see). You never know.

wings photos

wings photoswings photoswings photoswings photoswings photoswings photoswings photosIs it easy to draw angel wings?angel wings picturesIs it easy to draw angel wings?

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