Adobe Fresco on Windows 10

Adobe has expanded the number of devices that can enjoy its great app to draw and paint called Adobe Fresco. These are all Windows PCs, so it goes from exclusivities as it was with Microsoft Surface devices.

An app dedicated mainly to offer that experience more to drawing with a brush and that uses artificial intelligence so that some of its brushes generate the same experience that we had in our hand with our own physical tool.

In fact, in May it was updated by Adobe, so that now more users can enjoy their drawing experience. So now if you have a Windows 10 PC with the version 1903 or higher, and an NVIDIA graphics with Direct X 12.1, you can download the Fresco app.

Cool app

Adobe has also added some new features to the Adobe Fresco app as they are clipping mask and that allows to dock layers one to another, a new tool to manage all the brushes that we have, and an updated map of shortcuts.

Although of all these updates we keep the masks for the value it supposes when being able to use them in our drawing or digital painting projects, just as it was a tool to control all the brushes that we have in Adobe Fresco.

An app that simulates the same touch that we could have when we make a wash with a brush and we have taken a little water after a little blue pigment, to thus leave the tip of the brush resting with its bunch of bristles expanding that water with a quick gesture of our wrist to make a wave.

You can download Adobe Fresco from this link, and thus test for yourself if that drawing experience is replicated.