Apple could be playing with one of its best cards: bring back your rainbow logo for your new products. And if you use that logo, surely many fans of the brand would like to have their new technological device with that iconic logo.

There is a rumor these days ago that Apple I could take back the bitten apple with its rainbow for your iPhone, iPad and more products. And the truth is that at this time it would not be bad at all before the great push of the competition with those Huawei and Samsung doing their thing.

The Multicolored Apple logo was worth them from 1977 to 1999. I would come back to replace that one-color logo. The game would be with the emotions and memories of the millions of fans they have in the world.


Nor would it be the first time a decades mark He would return to his beginnings to reinforce his identity and play with something of great value in this of logos. The bond we have with these brands is one of the most important they can have. We’ve seen it at Pizza Hut in recent weeks, so the multi-colored Apple logo is a great proposition and idea in itself.

The funny thing about this news is that the logo could appear in this same year. So if we talk about 1977, 1999, why not 2019? It fits perfectly into that 20-year difference between logo change. So this rumor is reinforced even more to make it a reality.

New iPhones, Macs and iPads would be the devices in which we could see that multicolored logo that looks scary according to these renderings that we share. The question would be, would you buy a new Apple product just for having that iconic multicolored logo on the back of a Mac or iPhone?

Images from MacRumors.