Apple would have a new screen technology for 2018

Mini LED

Apple seems to want to get back on the path of offering the best screens, when it lags far behind in technology than Samsung’s own AMOLEDs, to play with the new mini LED honeycomb technology for 2020.

It would be for your “Pro” products, the 2020 MacBooks and iPad. These devices could carry I get the best excuse to change the previous ones in ownership and thus get closer to a large, high-quality screen.

These devices would be ready to go to market by the end of 2020 or mid-2021. Some that would use mini LED technology instead of the current OLED technology and that is practically owned by Samsung with all that it entails for the competition.


This technology would allow Apple to have up to 10,000 mini LEDs on the screen, while currently, on the Pro Display XDR monitor, it has only 576 LEDs; and we are talking about one of the best current monitors on the market.

Another advantage of this mini LED technology is that manufacturers can deliver high-quality displays with less thickness and weight if we compare them to those that mount OLED. There is talk that they could offer a greater dynamic range, high contrast and a wide range of WCG colors. It also has a longer life and without those fears that the screen will burn.

It would be the MacBook Pros and iPad Pros that would carry 15 or 17 inch screens and 10 or 12 inches respectively. As for the competition, right now Apple relegates Samsung to its OLED screens, so it could get rid of the fact that it is wasting its money on the competition. You can understand why in recent years Apple has increased the price of its products to compensate a little.

The screen mini LED would come from different component suppliers and it would be produced by LG Display. Anyway, it remains to be seen what Samsung will be able to improve with its OLED screens in a year and a half; the queens at the moment of the show; We leave you with Adobe’s problems with Catalina.

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