Artemis logo NASA

Times change and the strength of women arises with all the energy possible so that now it is NASA that includes it as the protagonist in its new logo. Thus he celebrates the sending of the first woman to the moon.

A NASA we know for the passion he has for logos of high quality in design and that in the logo for the Artemis mission it has used the evocative image of women. A logo in the design that is more than exceptional and that leaves printed the great meaning it has for the times that we have had to live.

There is a special meaning to the name of the Artemis program. In the first mission to the moon, Apollo, this name of the ancient Greek gods was used. Y Artemis is Apollo’s twin sister just like the goddess of the moon.


And it has an even greater meaning for the new mission in which NASA has the goal of sending both a man and a woman to the moon. He even showed a spacesuit in which we could see two astronauts, both male and female, testing their virtues and benefits.

Artemis has the mission to present all the efforts of NASA and the American country to return to the moon and let a woman carry the brightest torch. And it will be this torch that opens the way to the next mission, which would be the planet Mars; in fact you have this series of posters created by NASA a few years ago with Mars as a showcase and objective.

A Artemis logo in which lights and shadows are illustrated of a crescent moon with the image of the woman in a very evocative way. An example to follow.