Yesterday we learned about the great concept of a user for the social isolation of the Google logo, to now approach the proposal of other artists to redesign iconic logos for the coronavirus era.

And if we say was it is because of the fact that this virus is changing everything and we still don’t even know the impact it will have on the society and system of this world in the coming months. Let’s see these more than ingenious proposals to see the great creative contribution.

Jure Tovrljan is the artist who has taken these iconic logos and highlight the fact of social distancing that we saw yesterday in another proposal for Google. This artist plays with space, image and branding to create a good series of shocking and provocative logos.


We can find the mastercard or olympic games icons, or the same ones from NBA or Starbucks. The NBA player is curious when he replaces the basketball player in that peculiar tape to take him to a laptop. A curious image but one that shows the reality of many around the world.


There is also the logo of Starbucks with that mask that makes its prominence in its logo, or how the Goodyear logo becomes that of Badyear. Ingenious they are and provocative the same. Funny is also the famous beer brand where you can see “needs a new name.”

A unique moment in the history of mankind if everything remains the same and who has had to live. Here in Madrid, from where these lines are written, locked up and without leaving home, it is only hoped that soon we will be able to return to the streets and be able to look at each other from a short distance; Let’s hope hugs are next and everything returns to normal.