Artrage 6

ArtRage 6 arrives with the clear intentions of becoming the tool that really imitates that unique experience we have when we take a brush in our hand and pose it impregnated with acrylic on a canvas.

In ArtRage version 6 the tool improved custom brush options as well as other features that help digital artists to have greater control and flexibility over their digital works.

When we know that Adobe Fresco is in private beta phase, and what you want to offer that unique experience of painting On canvas, ArtRage 6, one of the best drawing and painting apps for the iPad, macOS and Windows has launched the Custom Brush options to create a more realistic feeling when painting on a tablet like Apple’s.


The option of import standard Photoshop bitmap brushes to the ArtRage 6 Custom Brush tool. But not only do we stay here, but it includes a greater range of drawing and painting tools, as well as other tools that will make it easier to fill with colors, edit gradients and select elements .

It has also integrated all the capabilities of the ArtRage 5, ArtRage Lite and ArtRage Mobile with all those news said. Another of the improved aspects is the usability with the Scripting engine and the Actions. We already know them from Adobe Photoshop to repeat processes over and over that we have recorded previously.

ArtRage 6 becomes all an app for digital illustration on an iPad, macOS and even a PC with Windows 7 or higher for a price that stays at 84.47 euros. An interesting tool that is on par with Affinity’s own that brought with it a great novelty a few days ago.