Looxie is a new app for Android that allows you to request photos to other users who are anywhere on the planet; logically as long as they are there.

One of his maxims is that you have to accept photo requests that will become new. That is, you cannot take your image gallery and pass a photo from weeks ago, you have to do it again.

The main idea is that you can send requests to users that you will find on the map and who are ready to accept them. Just like yourself you can become a reporter and thus accept those requests from that fashionable place or that virgin beach that few are unaware of and it is not known if it has algae.


This is the main idea of ​​Looxie, which as an app at the moment is only for Android. The app requires registration for free, although until August 9 you can get the premium options without paying a euro.

That is, you launch the app, you look for a person in that place wherever you want go on vacation, you ask him for a photo of a specific place and he will take care of it to send you that photo. You can do the same when you open the map and position yourself on it to start receiving requests from users who are encouraging to be part of this Looxie community.

Besides you can also browse all photos that have been done to know the sites in a current way. If everything is going smoothly, this service could be worth to know the states of many places with a quick photo taken by one of the reporters in the area.

Looxie is available from its website and from the app that you can find in the Android Play Store. Don’t miss the chance to learn about this AI photo enhancement service.