Here you can’t stand still and it’s Audius the one that becomes a more than important alternative to Soundcloud, the music streaming service for all types of artists and that lately is seeing its experience tarnished by problems of all types.

Although really to go through these lines you must rather because of the blockchain issue. If Soundcloud is causing problems for something, it is because of the issue of licenses and lawsuits in which Soundcloud is fully involved.

Audius is a free music streaming and hosting service where you we will be protected by famous DJs. In total, they have obtained about 5.5 million dollars in investment so that any user can upload their music for free.


But the great truth behind Audius is that it does not host the uploaded music, but that it is distributed among all the nodes that operate independently and that use blockchain technology. In other words, thanks to this technology, they can be protected from the demands and pressure of record labels.

That is, you can use the service for free to listen to music at a quality of 320kbps and that is perfect for the best audio quality. But everything will change when in 2020 the startup allows artists to demand the viewing of advertising or for a few euros to pay for a subscription to Audius.

A platform that looks very good and that will help us to accompany those days when we design with our favorite programs. So we can switch between Spotify and this service in which we can discover new artists as well as go through the reproduction of the tracks of the most famous djs. A new platform to which we open our doors. Do not miss what will be the Photoshop of Adobe audio.